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Who We Are

The Jedi Girl Internet Community is
Dedicated to Exploring the Meaning and Significance of
Philosophy and Mythology,
Intuition and Perception,
Psychology and Relationships,
Archetypal and Mythic Analysis of
Modern Media,
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Jedi Girl and Her Universe


Concept Statement

Jedi Girl is designed as a Community gathering place
where Intuitive Females can find
others who share their
Perspectives, Interests, Dreams and Visions


Mission Statement

To provide the Jedi Girl
with the capabilities and support needed
to develop a deeper understanding
of Herself and Her Universe

From the Managing Director


I conceived of creating a community web-site
where intuitive females could go,
not to just hang out, but to gain insights into
themselves, their relationships,
their strengths and interests,
their school majors/ career possibilities;
and how to handle conflicts with other people
who have different personality types
(parents, teachers, friends, etc.)


Why Jedi ?

Over the last two decades I came to realize that the Jedi philosophy, as envisioned by George Lucas, is in essence an Intuitive's perspective of reality.

The goal of the Jedi Quest is insight into the mysteries of reality; understanding of the unknown; and creating awareness of new perspectives.

So, my goal to create this community, now had a theme.


Why Jedi Girl ?

Whereas intuitive boys are able to form activity groups based on common interests (i.e. science, model building hobbies, remote- controlled car racing, etc.),  intuitive girls have fewer options available.

With girls being more interested in relationships than rocket launching, I realized that Dr. Carl Jung's concept of personality types - as extended by Dr. Meyers, Dr. Briggs and Dr. Keirsey, provides the solid foundation for creating an Intuitive Inter-personal community.

As Intuitive types (NFs and NTs) are a far smaller percentage of the population than Sensate types, we Intuitives need a place oriented toward our interests and needs.

Sensate types (SPs and SJs) have already created numerous social gathering places: sporting events, churches, Girl Scouts, sororities, and community service groups like the Rotary Club, Job's Daughters, etc.

But there is a dearth of organizations and communities for Intuitives, especially Intuitive girls.


the Jedi Girl Community

I want the community to provide a sense of inclusiveness and comfortableness; of wonder and fascination; of exploration and understanding.

Jedi Girl was conceived to provide girls with a sense of ownership of the community. A place where they can meet others with the same interests. A place where they can bring their friends and even boyfriends; use the personality quiz as an 'ice-breaker' and build new relationships.

Studies over the last few years have found that girls do better in science and math classes if they are in female-only classes. Boys are too noisy, bossy, excited and aggressive, etc. Girls, they found, tended to want to think about an answer before speaking, and were being ignored by the teachers (sometimes just to keep the boys under control). In girl-only science and math classes, they found that the girls did as well as boys, and sometimes better.

For these reasons I wanted the site/community to be for girls.

Guys are welcome, of course, but they are, and will be treated,
as guests - On Girl Turf! 
Not as co-owners, which would of course, end up with the guys taking control and changing it into a boys-oriented site!


Thus, Jedi Girl was created.



May The

Be with Her

Community Organization
The Jedi Girl Community (.com)
The Jedi Girl (not-for-profit)
Research/Educational Organization
The JediGirl Forums

Robert jon Religa
Managing Director
JediGirl Internet Community and Forums

If you have comments, suggestions or questions,
please e-mail me at


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