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Personality Type Contrasts

(E) Extraversion
(I) Introspective
(S) Sensing-Perception
(N) Intuitive-Perception
(T) Thinking-Orientation
(F) Feeling-Orientation
(J) Judging-Lifestyle
(P) Perceiving-Lifestyle

Extraverts ( E ) Introspectives ( I )
Energized by being with other people Energized by spending time alone
Like being the center of attention Avoid being the center of attention
Act, then think Think, then act
Tend to think out loud Think things through inside their head
Are easier to 'read' and know, and share personal information freely Are more private and prefer to share personal information with a select few
Prefer breadth to depth Prefer depth to breadth
Talk more than listen Listen more than talk
Communicate with enthusiasm Keep their enthusiasm to themself
Respond quickly, and enjoy a fast pace Respond after taking the time
to think things through
A more outward focus to their environment A more inward focus to concepts and ideas
Feel comfortable with working in groups Feel comfortable being alone and prefer solitary activities
Have a wide range of acquaintances
and friends
Prefer fewer, more intense relationships
A "go-getter" or "people-person" Calm, reserved

Sensates ( S ) Intuitives ( N )
Trust what is certain and concrete Trust inspiration and inference
Like new ideas only if they have
practical applications
Like new ideas and concepts for their own sake
Value realism and common sense Value imagination and innovation
Like to use and hone established skills Like to learn new skills and new ways of doing things.
They get bored easily after mastering new skills.
Tend to be specific and literal.
Give detailed descriptions.
Tend to be general and figurative.
Use metaphors and analogies.
Present information in a
step by step manner

Present information through leaps,
in a roundabout manner

Oriented to the present Oriented towards the future
Inclined to attend to the immediate, practical, and observable Inclined to attend to future possibilities
and implicit or symbolic meanings
Realistic and practical;
good at grasping facts and details
Imaginative and insightful;
good at grasping the big picture
Patient and careful with precise work and routine Patient in projects with many intangibles and possibilities
Put experience first and place less trust in words and symbols Place more trust in insights, symbols, and metaphors and less trust in what is literally experienced
Recall events as snapshots and remember the literal aspects of what happened Recall events by intuition and what they "read between the lines"

Thinkers ( T ) Feelers ( F )
Step back and apply impersonal analysis to problems Step forward and consider effect of action on others
Value logic, justice, and fairness,
with one standard for all
Value empathy and harmony
and see the exception to the rule
Naturally see flaws and tend to be critical Naturally like to please others
and show appreciation easily
May be seen as heartless, insensitive, and uncaring May be seen as overemotional, illogical, and weak
Consider it more important to be truthful than tactful Consider it important to be tactful as well as truthful
Believe feelings are valid only if they are logical Believe any feeling is valid, whether it makes sense or not
Motivated by a desire for achievement
and accomplishment
Are motivated by a desire to be appreciated
Evaluate decisional paths primarily emphasizing thinking and objective logic Evaluate decisional paths primarily emphasizing feeling and subjective values
Have a technical or scientific orientation Have a people or communications orientation
Look for logical explanations or solutions for almost everything Look for what is important to others and express concern for others
Seek objective truth and fairness, regardless of effects,
and may be seen as forthright and firm
Seek harmony and cooperation, sometimes ignoring the consequences, and may be seen as warm and understanding
Prefer to understand experience through logical thinking Prefer to understand experience in the context of human relationships
Look for ways to detect errors or inconsistencies in others Look for ways to appreciate the merits of others

Judgers ( J ) Perceivers ( P )
Are happiest after decisions have been made Are happiest leaving their options open
Have a work ethic, that is you work first and play later Have a play ethic, that is you enjoy now and finish the job later
Value order, structure, and predictability Value spontaneity and the challenge of dealing with the unexpected
Prefer knowing what you are getting into Change goals as new information becomes available - like adapting to new situations
Are product oriented, with emphasis on completing the task Are process oriented, with emphasis on how the task is completed
Derive satisfaction from finishing projects Derive satisfaction from starting projects
See time as a finite resource and take deadlines seriously See time as a renewable resource and see deadlines as elastic
Tend to control their life in a very organized, planned, expeditious way, making quick and final decisions They adapt to life spontaneously through constant information-seeking and inquiry while keeping your options open
Tolerate and enjoy routine Find routine boring and intolerable
Task oriented and a "list maker" Loose and casual and keep detailed plans to a minimum
Like to make decisions and have things decided Like staying open to be ready for whatever happens
Take deadlines and schedules seriously Interesting developments cause deadlines to fall by the wayside

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  3. Personality: Character and Temperament -
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